Susan Carpenter Noble

Cowgirls Don’t Quit

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Eleven-year-old Meghan Callahan’s passion for horses has been bolstered by rancher “Ol’ Ben,” who has taught her to ride. When her parents give her the go-ahead to join Ben and his grandson, Xender, on the cattle drive to summer pastures up on the mesa, Meghan proves her courage, tenacity, and intuition earning the respect of both Xender and his grandfather. And Xender earns Meghan’s respect when they team up to protect the cattle from a trio of unscrupulous two-legged varmints.

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Susan Carpenter Noble

6 reviews for Cowgirls Don’t Quit

  1. Shelley Curtis

    I loved this book! The characters were likable, the dialogue was believable, and the story flowed from start to finish. The book was set in my home town so the references to local settings and attractions was especially fun. An excellent read. Can’t wait for more from this author.

  2. Cecilia

    My husband and I have read Susan’s book and have very much enjoyed it. It offers insight to an experience not readily available. I enjoyed seeing the main character fight through her fears. It is a book that teaches perseverance as one pushes through to achieve a desired goal. It is a great book and I believe it should be part of the reading requirements in middle school.

  3. Stacy

    Just read the book today and enjoyed it very much. Nice balance of the story told through Meghan’s thoughts and through the dialogue of the other characters. I plan to purchase a copy for my great niece, so I would highly recommend it for young girls. Looking forward to Meghan’s next adventure.

  4. Peggy King

    This author is a wonderful storyteller who enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of horses with the reader. The main character, Meghan, has been bitten by the “horse bug” and is delighted to have the opportunity to help with her neighbor’s cattle drive. The reader is swept along on the adventure as Meghan learns to handle her horse and meets some savory and not so savory characters. A fun read that leaves you wanting more from this talented writer.

  5. Lori Paddyaker (verified owner)

    I purchased this book for my 10 year old granddaughter. She absolutely loved it and could not put it down. Having finished it in less than 24 hours, she called me to find out how fast she could get the sequel. When I asked her to tell me what she really liked about the book, she said, “It was all amazing. Best book I’ve ever read!”

  6. Darlene Eaves

    After reading this book I immediately thought of one of my granddaughters and how the main character was so much like her in her determination to achieve goals. It shows young girls that their dreams can come true as long as they are willing to work for it.

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