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Irish Mist



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As the guests raised their glasses in a toast to Edith’s 45th birthday, the house shook from its foundation to the top of its steel roof, the windows rattled in their frames, and a deafening blast came from the direction of the far-back shed.

“Whoo Hoo! Isn’t this a party!
Happy Birthday, Edith!”

Her mother talked to walls, her grandmother listened to Owls, and she played tag with a little boy who wasn’t there, a child who followed Maisie and Gramma B on their transmigration from the tiny outport of Never You Mind, Newfoundland to
Back of Beyond, Saskatchewan.

Irish Mist is the saga of the interwoven destinies of two families and three generations, of worlds seen and unseen, of wisdom and healing in the face of tragedy.

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About the Author

Kris J. Rennie was born in Montreal, Quebec. She is a Cape Bretoner by descent. She has, just recently, found her birth family. But that is another story.

Always wanting to explore and experience what life has to offer and ever at the ready for a road trip, Kris and her husband, Rob, have been across the United States and Canada, coast to coast and beyond, seeking out and soaking in the local folklore. East coast lobster and west coast salmon, fresh off the boats, a local pub and a wee pint are always something on their travel agenda.

“She’s a People Watcher, that one,” could be said of her.

Kris began her writing career in a Montreal High School, composing credible excuse notes for absenteeism in exchange for coffee and what were then called “Fried Butterflies” at the local diner. She never really stopped after that, and she still writes creative reminder notes for her husband and seven grandchildren. She has no more excuse notes to write, so here she is— no excuses.

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Kris J. Rennie


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