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Angel Down

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Sergeant Daniel Travis, military aide with a desk job in the nether regions of the White House, suddenly finds himself in the wilderness of northern Maine on a top secret one-man search and rescue assignment. Targeted by killers who would thwart his mission, assassins whose bodies bear no identification, he uncovers a trail of intrigue that leads to the Washington swamp and some of the highest public servants in America.

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About the Author

Richard Totino was raised on an apple farm in the town of Marlboro in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York. His small-town roots and values have guided him throughout his entire life. Although he has traveled extensively, he still considers himself to be a small-town boy with small-town values. After his enlistment in the U.S. Army, he returned to college to complete his graduate degrees at the ripe old age of 34. His work in international sales and marketing provided him with an insight into many cultures and customs beyond our borders, and his extensive travel in the U.S. taught him that people everywhere are as open and friendly as you give them the opportunity to be. He likes to tell people, “I have slept in 49 states,” which leads his wife to describe him as George Washington, who seems to have slept everywhere.

Together with his wife Sharon, Dick now resides in North Carolina, where they soak up the sunshine and sea breezes. Their combined family includes eight children and five grandchildren, providing them with plenty to do and all the related challenges that go with keeping up with a large family. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, his personal experiences enhance in his writing. He refers to fall as “scrapbooking season,” because that’s when he leaves Sharon at home to occupy herself with her crafts while he escapes to the wilderness of North Carolina and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. He has been active in the Knights of Columbus, the Elks, Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion and as a crew boss with Lower Adirondack Search and Rescue (LASAR), participating in numerous search and rescue efforts throughout the region.

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Dick Totino

10 reviews for Angel Down

  1. Donald Thompson

    Exciting novel by new author on the scene, reminiscent of Tom Clancy. This story has it all, action, suspense, even a bit of romance that seems only inevitable given the circumstances the characters find themselves in. As I read the book, I couldn’t help visualizing it in my mind as it would appear on the silver screen, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood turns it into a movie.

  2. Martha

    A most enjoyable book that draws the reader in as Dan’s “companion” on his mission. A great read!

  3. John Williamson

    What a page turner…I couldn’t put the book down! Even though I’m a city kid who wouldn’t know how to survive a night outdoors in my own back yard, I really connected with the details on wilderness survival. Reminded me of a cool TV series a while back called “Fat Guys in the Woods”.
    Another delicious element in “Angel Down” is the conspiracy to do in the President of the U.S. by a cadre of “D.C. swamp denizens” who would do things for power that they wouldn’t dream of doing for money. I just KNEW, along with “Dan”, that the Governor of Maine character couldn’t be trusted!!! 🙂

  4. Gretchen S.

    I loved your book! Couldn’t put it down. The report from Dan Travis at the end was quite inspiring. Sounded like YOU. A job well done . . .
    Am going to pass the book around within the TEAM.
    Thanks for a great beginning to book writing.

  5. Susan M.

    What a great book! Very descriptive language, well thought out plot,
    and engaging characters. I won’t leave a long review that summarizes the
    plot because because I feel like it ruins some of the twists and turns
    and fun of reading a book “cold,” but I love this type of book. The
    writing style reminds me of Tom Clancy or early Clive Cussler. I look
    forward to reading more of Mr. Totino’s work.

    And something that has nothing to do with the story, but about the book
    itself: I love the smooth paper the book is printed on. It has a nice
    “finger-feel.” It might sound silly but I wish all books were printed
    this way.

  6. karenlmckay

    Hooked me by page 10. If it weren’t for the interferences of everyday life, I would have read this book in one sitting. It was that compelling along with being a rare treat to read a paper and ink book. No spoilers, but I did enjoy going from DC to Maine, to Fort Drum and back to DC. This author made the wilderness come alive for me and gave me a much better understanding of the swampland he encountered.

    I’m so Looking forward to his next book.

  7. Jean Santivasci

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Loved the descriptions of the Maine woods and mountains. I felt like I was there. From beginning to end, I was hooked. I loved Dan Travis’s speech at the end of the book. I look forward to reading another book by Dick Totino!

  8. LA Holmes

    Reading this in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin made me feel part of the moment. I could only image the moment as all as the scenes unfolded. Well thought out, progressive read with mystery and romance. Just the right length too, to hold my attention to the very end. The ending was great! Have to agree with another one of the reviews – I think this would make a GREAT movie!

  9. Rose M. (verified owner)

    “Angel Down” is a fantastic read! It was very hard to put down, and from early in the book you start to wonder if he is going to die alone in the mountains or locate who he is tasked to find. You are drawn into the great plot, with descriptions of the mountains, the scenes, the characters, and all he is tasked to do. There is suspense, action and even a bit of romance that develops between two of the characters. The ending is great, as all that is uncovered during his quest to find who-all is behind this cover-up.

  10. Carol Raggio (verified owner)

    What can I add to the previous reviews? Maybe that I agree with all of them! Hooked at the very beginning and unwilling to put it down. I loved the interplay of the characters, the vivid descriptions of mountains, streams and the hardships involved, in a rugged search mission. Many humorous moments add to the enjoyment.

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