Jim McLain

Arizona Trivia 1

Hardcover, Paperback



An outstanding collection of 500 trivia questions that will keep you entertained for hours.

* How many of the Zane Grey novels are set in Arizona?
* How old is the prehistoric pit house in Tucson?
* What did Arizona men do seven years before it become an amendment to the United States Constitution?
* Which president established Saguaro National Park East to protect the saguaros from urban development and cactus poaching?
* Where is the tallest single family home in North America, Falcon’s Nest, located?
* When did the early Arizonans begin planting corn?
* What is the Arizona state reptile?
* What Arizona city was bank robber and murderer John Dillinger captured in?

The answers may surprise you.

Warning: The 500 questions in this book may greatly increase your curiosity about Salem.

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Hardcover, Paperback


Jim McLain


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