J. Hubbard Pink

For the Love of Oceans – Zihuantanejo to Costa Rica

Hardcover, Paperback



When cancer takes her husband of twenty-one years, the author feels a loss of direction until she opens her eyes to new possibilities.

Leaving her job and taking her recently widowed mother for a long getaway to Zihuantanejo on the Pacific coast of Mexico ultimately leads her to make choices that bring about a change in her view of life and of the ocean in a way she never thought possible.

In this volume detailing the first trip as crew on a sailing sloop, she discovers scuba diving and a new passion: life beneath the waves.

About the Author

Growing up in Washington State, the author spent her summers boating, water skiing, swimming, fishing, and crabbing at the family cabin on Port Susan Bay. As an adult, she was very content with her life, raising three children with her husband and living on a small farm in Enumclaw. She had no desire to travel. When cancer took her husband of 21 years, she struggled with what to do next. But, along with the searching and the struggles came opportunities and choices. This book grew out of her choice to reach out of her comfort zone and experience the ocean from an unusual viewpoint. Her journals and photographs have allowed her to share her sailing travel experiences with you as part of a planned series, For the Love of Oceans.


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Hardcover, Paperback


J. Hubbard Pink


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