Betsy Feinberg, Sarah Mulligan

Navigating Switchbacks

Hardcover, Paperback
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Navigating Switchbacks is the story of Sarah True Mulligan’s journey from paralysis and life-threatening illness to a determination to make her life meaningful through helping others help themselves. This is a book that will rekindle the inner spirit of those whose flame has been dimmed, whether from physical or emotional loss or injury. The book embodies Sarah’s dream of expanding her reach to help and inspire others by sharing her transformative near-death experience through her own words and photographs.

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Hardcover, Paperback


Betsy Feinberg, Sarah Mulligan

1 review for Navigating Switchbacks

  1. Lois Ann Holmes

    This book held on to me! It made me want to keep reading after the end of every chapter, to find out what was next. It reminded me and made me reflect on a patient of mine, years ago, same age for her paralysis, also from a car accident. She went through a similar evolution, however, not without anger and heartaches. This book should be in every hospital library for patients to read. It is from the heart! Motivational and written from the perspective of someone who has “walked the walk”, but really, just navigated life after having to use a wheelchair! Wonderful, thought provoking and thank you for sharing!

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