R. Michael Haigwood

Primrose U.S.M.C., Squall

Hardcover, Paperback



When a freighter sinks with no apparent damage, and a nearby munitions-laden ship goes up in a fireball off the Oregon coast, General Easy designates Flossi Lighthouse to pull together Zach Primrose and the rest of the team to solve the puzzle. But before Flossi and the dive team can finish their investigation, another ship goes down off the coast of San Francisco under suspicious circumstances. It has been attacked from the bottom, but there is no evidence of any submarine presence.

What evil force is behind this? Is it General Kahn? Or is he merely a pawn in a worldwide terrorist plot? From the mountain roads of Costa Rica to the Panama Canal and up the west coast of Mexico and California, the team races against time to find out what mysterious force is sinking the ships before a U.S. Navy carrier is wiped out.

About the Author

R. Michael Haigwood is a Marine Veteran, life member and past Commandant of the Black Mountain Detachment, Marine Corps League. He worked on many construction projects as a member of the Operating Engineers union, Local 12, from which he is retired. He is a longtime resident of Las Vegas, where he lives with his partner Jean.

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Hardcover, Paperback


R. Michael Haigwood


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