R. Michael Haigwood

Primrose U.S.M.C. Third Tour, Sleeper Cell

Hardcover, Paperback



U.S.M.C. Lieutenant Zachary Taylor Primrose has put in for a third tour in Vietnam while his wife, Rhonda, is touring the Far East. Colonel Easy offers him a deal. He can have the tour, but only if he accepts a dangerous and illegal clandestine mission to locate a pair of F-4s equipped with top secret new technology, technology that at all costs, must not fall into enemy hands. The F4s have vanished into thin air, presumed crashed, the pilots presumed dead.

Pulling together his old team of misfits—Tracker Heto, Tom Toms and his shamans, explosives expert T.C. (Two Case) Champion, along with three brown-water sailors and a former office pinky, and with Rhonda running the control center from the Dragonfly Bar and Hotel in Bangkok, the team sets off into unknown jungle territory, where Primrose and Colonel Easy discover more than they bargained for.

About the Author

R. Michael Haigwood is a Marine Veteran, life member and past Commandant of the Black Mountain Detachment, Marine Corps League, and a member of the Black Mountain Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOG). He has been a big hole driller, underground diamond driller, heavy equipment operator, hotel bartender, bellhop, blackjack dealer, union negotiator, and Senior Olympics athlete. He is a longtime resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he lives with his partner, Jean.

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Hardcover, Paperback


R. Michael Haigwood


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