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After her parents separate, Jolie, her mother, and her little brother, spend the summer house-sitting in the Hudson Valley of New York. Confused by the world, unhappy with her life, and unsure of her own sanity, Jolie finds solace in her scientific log of attempts to communicate with birds, and in the weird poetry she is driven to write.

Then she is introduced to a secret swimming hole in an abandoned quarry, and discovers that her intuitive feeling… there must be more… is not so crazy after all. Entering a strange yet familiar place, where time is a concept to be questioned, she gets a glimpse of the future and life in another dimension. Things get complicated, however, when she meets Erik, a boy on her wavelength, but with a potentially fatal flaw.

A story of cosmic growth, healing, and hope.


About the Author

Karen Mitnick Liptak is a native New Yorker, Brooklyn College graduate, and the author of many nonfiction books, primarily for children and young adults. These include Out In The Night, Dating Dinosaurs And Other Old Things, Native American Sign Language, and Endangered Peoples. A former documentary filmmaker with Newsreel and PBS in New York, and an Editorial Director for Positive Promotions, she’s currently a tour guide at Kitt Peak National Observatory, near Tucson, Arizona, where she offers visitors scientific facts and a cosmic perspective.

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Karen Mitnick Liptak


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