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Shorty’s Christmas Present



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It is 1921 in the remote snow-covered Sandhills of Nebraska, when a mysterious stranger in a red suit with white fur trim appears at the door with a request. Little Holly on the neighboring ranch is dying of the flu. Can Shorty, an aging cowboy raised by the Lakota, use his knowledge of Native American remedies to save her?


About the Author

Don Harold has been a cowboy, a farmer, a truck driver, and an agricultural engineer. After graduating from Arkansas State University, he took off for the remote Sandhills of Nebraska, where he worked on a ranch for three years, wrangling cattle and hanging out with an old cowpoke who loved to tell stories.

Don was born and raised on a rice farm in Clay County, Arkansas. In 2008 he retired to the same farm where he was born, spending half the year in rural Tucson, Arizona, where he enjoys long walks in the Sonora Desert with his photographer wife, Carlyon.

About the Illustrator

Betsy Feinberg is a writer, artist, naturalist, and illustrator who lives in the Sonora Desert, where she communes with jackrabbits, lizards, and other desert creatures, when she’s not drawing animals at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo.

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Don Harold


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