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Snowboarding in Three Simple Steps



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Even if you’re a novice, even if you’ve never skied, you can learn to snowboard in 2 1/2 hours in three simple steps under the tutelage of outdoorsman, Ray McNeal.

McNeal, a former FAA-certified helicopter flight instructor, has taught archery, pistol and rifle, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, cross-country skiing, winter camping, sport climbing, tennis, backpacking, and map and compass work (a.k.a. land navigation).


About the Author

A little “toot” about myself.

I started snowboarding in the late 1980’s when snowboarding was a novelty. There were very few snowboard instructors around. None, that I know of, were certified. I took one lesson late in the season, intending to take more the following year. However, when I returned to one of my favorite resorts the fol- lowing season, they had no snowboard instructor. The head ski school instructor asked me if I would teach, subsequently I taught all that season. Teaching was not new to me. Over the years I’ve taught archery, pistol and rifle shooting skills, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, cross-country skiing, winter camping, sport climb- ing, tennis, backpacking, map and compass work also known as land navigation, and I was an FAA certified helicopter flight instructor. I am still an active hiker, focusing on wildlife and landscape photography.

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Ray McNeal


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