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The Mouse in the RV



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Once upon a time in an RV on the road, there lived three mice.

The curiosity of two adventurous mice, Rich and Cliff, has unintended consequences—a road trip in an RV and a new acquaintance from Austin.

A big truck rumbled into the side yard.  The four mice gazed in curiosity as the master climbed out the door of the box on wheels.  “One, two, three, four,” Rich counted aloud, pointing to the enormous rubber tires.  “Five, six—there are double wheels on the back!” exclaimed Cliff.

“What’s it for?” Rich asked.  Before Sissy could answer, Richard continued, “Are they going somewhere in it?”

As they stood staring at the gigantic vehicle, Benjamin yelled, “Max is out!” Sure enough, Max’s bell could be heard at the back door.

Illustrated by Betsy Feinberg

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George McGaughey


Betsy Hoyt Feinberg


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