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Tucson Charlie is a happy dog. That is, until a trip to the desert finds him lost in this fascinating but unfamiliar environment. As he searches for his way back home, Charlie meets an amusing assortment of fun and friendly desert denizens who try to help him out. Will Charlie find his way home? Join him on this exciting adventure and find out!


About the Author

Art Verity has been a storyteller all his life. After many years as a Disney Imagineer, where he wrote stories for mice, ducks. and other barnyard denizens, he decided that giving voice to Tucson Charlie seemed like a perfect next step.

He says that the fun of bringing Charlie to life is made even better by partnering again with Nancy Wilkinson, his high school speech and drama cohort.

Art is eternally grateful to his wife, kids and grandkids who are always ready to hear his stories.

About the Illustrator

Nancy Wilkinson believes every person is an artist. Her hope is that whoever reads this book will be inspired to pick up a brush and paint what they love. Nancy loves her dogs. So it made perfect sense to illustrate a story modeled on her dog, in the place she loves, Tucson.

A native of Los Angeles, she spent most of her life teaching the arts in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She and her husband and doggies moved to Tucson six years ago. They enjoy the sunshine and the welcoming people who live in the Southwest.

With a Masters in Arts Education, Nancy currently teaches art in the Tucson Unified School District. She has also been awarded two Fulbright Scholarships to India and South Africa. Maybe Charlie will get lost (and found!) there too.

About Charlie

A rescue dog, Charlie is a chihuahua-corgi mix. “He” is really a “she,” and her real name is Sassy. Nancy found Sassy on the Adopt-a-Pet website. Sassy likes being the star of her own book, and promises there will be more!

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