Mary Jane Lyon

Turkey Dressing

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Travis loses his self-esteem when he loses his tail feathers to a coyote, but with the help of family and friends discovers that true beauty comes from your heart, not from your appearance.


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Mary Jane Lyon has been painting for seventy years. For the first four years of her life, she lived with a grandmother who thought that every mark she made on a piece of paper was a masterpiece. In early elementary school, art was her only area of peer acceptance. Fast forward past twenty-three years of teaching elementary school and eleven years serving as a pastor in a United Methodist Church, and she came full circle, teaching adults and children watercolor, pastels, charcoal and acrylics. She has taught at Pima Community College and is a member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, the Southern Arizona Arts Guild, Paper Works, and Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona.

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Mary Jane Lyon

1 review for Turkey Dressing

  1. ssuzannon

    Wonderful Book for Children (Written in English and in Spanish) By ssuzannon October 10, 2016
    Both of my children really like this book, especially my oldest since he is learning Spanish in school and this book is written in English and Spanish. I also enjoyed the colorful illustrations.

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