Darlene Bennett Demuth

What’s Wrong Little Mouse



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Little Mouse flees from danger and becomes lost in the woods. The woodland creatures do their best to help him, but all he wants is to go home to his warm, comfortable bed. At last, he finds his way home with the help of an old friend, and falls asleep, dreaming of all the new friends he has made as a result of his predicament.



About the Author

Hailing from Ohio, Darlene Bennett Demuth has traveled the United States coast to coast and border to border with her husband, Jim, whom she met at the famous meteor crater just off Route 66 in Arizona. Along for the ride in their RV are their two Chihuahua-mix rescue dogs, Baby and Zoe.

Darlene is a quilter, a gourd artist, a dog whisperer, and a doting grandmother. She and her husband spend most of the year in Tucson, Arizona.


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Darlene Bennett Demuth


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